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Help Save Animals!

A Pet Supply Chain, Pet Supplies Plus, is considering selling animals in their stores.
Hearing this rumor, I contacted the owner of the chain and had a 10 minute conversation with him.
I was opposed to this, because animals in pet stores are never treated properly. Over half of them die during shipment, they rarely - if ever receive vet. care, and a lot of pets are sold to homes with people who will either mistreat them, or don't know enough about them to fully care for them.

I presented my points to the owner, Bob Hessling, and these were his exact quotes that I wrote down verbatim:

"I'm going to be honest with you. If we're selling a guinea pig for $25 that has a head cold, are we going to be able to afford his vet bills? Probably not. It's a wash. We won't be making any profit off of that, but that's what happens when you decide to sell animals in your establishment."

"I know you probably heard about sick animals being thrown in freezers when they're sick or dying, and who's to say that isn't a humane way to kill them? I mean, half of the people would say it is, and half of the people would say it isn't."

So already, he has stated that he won't provide vet care for sick or injured animals if the vet bills cost more than the profit he will make off of the animal, and that if he can't provide vet care, freezing them to death is an option.

I am really disgusted, and I urge as many of you as possible to send E-mails and or real letters to the store to try and persuade them NOT to begin to sell animals.
Thank you so much! I think we can make a difference for the animals.

Bob and Robyn Hessling

Pet Supplies Plus
5161 Gull RD
Kalamazoo, Michigan 49048


or Email at: petsuppliesplus@fucinipro.com

Search for one in your area.
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Unfortunately, they already sell pets. I was stupid enough to buy my first guinea pig there. He was sick and when I called to tell them that I was taking him to the vet and to check the other one out, they said that I could trade him in and get another one. I almost started crying. Now, I will only ever adopt pigs (I adopted 3 and rehomed one of them with someone who had a lonely pig).

I emailed the head of the company, got his secretary, and they were COMPLETELY not willing to listen to my complaint and they didn't pay for my vet visit.

The best solution is to boycott. I tried telling people in Ann Arbor, MI to boycott them and they were like "well, they have dog food so I'm going to buy my dog food there"....it's hard to change people's minds and I'm glad I finally realized after doing something so stupid that the animals are getting hurt by these places.
I had no idea that they already sold pets. From what he told me, they were considering selling pets. Shit. I'm still going to do the petition infront of their store in my area, but it's really hard to talk to people about animals in pet shops, because everyone tends to think it's such a "great idea!!"

I mean, I believe your gunea pig story entirely. I quoted the guy saying he would refuse the animals vet care if the profit he would make on the animal was less than the vet bill. He even suggested freezing them to death as an alternative to vet care.

I'm really pissed.
I would LOVE to get in on that. I wish I lived in Kzoo.

That is completely horrible that he suggested that. I meant to comment on that point, but I didn't see it until after I already had commented twice lol

Perhaps your store is locally owned. I'm not familiar enough with their corporate chains to give a good explanation as to why he would say they were considering it unless he meant just that one store.

"but it's really hard to talk to people about animals in pet shops, because everyone tends to think it's such a "great idea!!"

You know, for me it was being greedy. I really wanted a guinea pig and since I already had taken care of hamsters I thought "hey, why don't I just go to the pet store and get the pig then research later". It was completely wrong of me, but at the time I didn't think about how I was hurting those animals. So basically, it's just about getting the word out and telling people that YES there are stores that DON'T sell animals OR things that harm animals and that they don't HAVE to buy pets. I don't regret getting him because I love him now, but I do regret that I didn't force them to give him to me for free so that they didn't get any profit at all.

I think the BIG problem is that the government sticks it's nose in EVERYTHING yet cannot for the life of me seem to make an amendment to the animal welfare act that includes how pet stores have to treat their animals.

If the government made it as unprofitable to breed or sell as they do to by cigarettes, not everyone would do it.
Oh and Kalamazoo has freaking 20 guinea pigs every time I check that need homes to be adopted.

Why don't you suggest to him to do a pet adoption held at pet supplies plus where they can buy products from them (although, I will never buy from them again nor would I ever suggest that anyone use anything sold at a pet store besides the pigloo or the cubbies), and at least it's better for people to adopt and have access to good information than to not adopt at all and get misinformation.
I don't think these people are willing to take any suggestions. My hope is that I can get enough people complaining and saying they will refuse to shop there so maybe it will keep him from bringing in animals. Who knows..it's worth a shot though.
I completely agree about it being worth it.

I will send another hard letter including my experience and why I don't shop there and have not shopped there/my family doesn't shop there for since this happened.

Is that address the store that you shop at?
I live in NY, actually. The owner owns ALL of them, they aren't locally owned, but he was reachable in Michigan..and that is the address for where he can be reached.

All the informationabove is correct, his name, the addy, the phone number. Hell, you could call now and to speak to him personally - that's what I did.

I get pissed off over a lot of issues, but this one in particular is really hitting me hard.
here is the letter I am writing. Please give me hints on what I should and should not say. I've only done one letter like this (as I said it was via email), and I want to say a lot more than I can say on the phone.

Dear Bob and Robyn Hessling,

I am writing to you in regards to the prospect of live pet sales at your New York Pet Supplies Plus. I was informed via an online blog that you are now considering adding pets to your New York chains.

I must tell you that I am very displeased with this possibility. I also am displeased with the pets that you are already selling at your branches in Ohio and Michigan.

To let you understand why a former customer (me) is no longer shopping at your stores ANYWHERE, I will need to explain my situation. In April of last year, I was interested in a guinea pig so I went to my local PSP, which my family and I have shopped at for several years since it opened (and then relocated) in Monroe, MI. Upon arriving I was looking at your guinea pigs. Because of my stupidity and ignorance, I did not realize that their size/smallness was not normal and was actually underweight due to lack of vitamin C and fresh vegetables. When I was asking the clerk to help me get a pig out, he very violently picked up the guinea pig and he started screaming. If I had not be ridiculously selfish that day, I would have walked out on the spot. I should have walked out.

By the time I got my guinea pig home, I noticed something was wrong. He was sneezing and his eye had become very goopy. I was scared so I went online and found tons of information that said how they are susceptible to URIs. I called the next day to inform the store that I was taking the guinea pig to a veterinarian and wanted to let them know that the guinea pig was sick so they could take the other one to a vet. Upon saying he was sick, the clerk on the phone asked if I had used cedar bedding, which I find highly comical considering you sell cedar bedding knowing full well that it is dangerous to guinea pigs. I can assure you that I know, since I was a longtime hamster owner, that I would never use cedar bedding for small rodents and rabbits. When I said “no”, I was then told that I could bring the guinea pig back to the store and get a replacement.

At this point, I was admittedly furious. Companion animals are NOT furniture. They are NOT sweaters. And you fall in love with them when you first hold them.

When I first emailed your store and who I thought was the owner, I was told that you were very sorry for my situation. Not only did you not try to rectify it, you continue to sell sick, hurt, unhealthy, and poorly/mistreated animals in all of your stores in Michigan and Ohio. I have not shopped at your store since this issue arose and now, having learned that you intend to start selling pets at your store, I have taken it upon myself to tell everyone I know not to buy from your store. If you stop buying animals to supply your stores and begin an adoption program with your local shelter, I will consider shopping at your stores in the future. Until that day, you can be rest assured that I will never (and trust me, I mean never) buy another product you sell and guarantee that I will convince the majority of the people I tell not to shop there not to shop.

If you see the number of pets that need adopted in your area (Kalamazoo), then you will understand the frustration of all the pet lovers in America that just want to see animals that are healthy and happy. Your lack of compassion for these pets and your lack of willingness to spread good knowledge to customers is resoundingly terrible. There are over twenty guinea pigs in Kalamazoo alone that need new homes from owners that most likely bought from your stores or other pet-selling stores in your area. I have taken responsibility for my selfish mistake by adopting three other beautiful guinea pigs from local shelters. If you are unwilling to take responsibility for your actions, then we, as consumers, will make the choice for you by boycotting your products and your stores.

Yeah, my two males HATE eachother - which stinks for me, so I have two XLarge pens for them. They have so many toys they don't know what to do, lol. I used to hand sew them pillows with their names on them, but they always peed on them, lol.

Do you have any pigtures (lol)?
That letter is perfect. Thank you so much for the support. :-)

(I don't know if I've told you this or not, but I also have guinea pigs...two fat males, haha)

I love their fat rumps :D I do remember you saying you have guinea pigs. My two piggies that used to get along don't anymore. So we had to buy another c&c online. It's a double decker and my bigger pig, Kinney, loves the little ramp.

My mom is taking care of my other pig oreo because she fell in love wiht him. I rehomed my other pig with a couple that owns a farm. They have one guinea that they adopted, but could not find a good match for their pig anywhere. They knew like EVERYTHING (I quizzed them lol) already and buy their hay directly from another farm that is pesticide free and preservative free and all that jazz because they feed it to horses.

I was so happy that my little boozer was able to have a friend finally (he did not get along with any of my pigs :( )
*c&c cage. I am like not able to type today.
Its great that you found him the perfect home. That's not easy to do.. :-D
I know. When I made the posts everywhere about trying to rehome him, I like had criteria of what I required and this was the only couple that fit everything, except for the having children. But I met their children and everything and they assured me that the girls are only responsible for cleaning up the cages and feeding them veggies - mom takes care of everything else.

I did not want to rehome him, either, but he was just not happy with us. When I went to adopt him I planned on adopting his friend that was with him. Unfortunately, since someone just dumped them outside, Snoozer ended up getting an infection that paralyzed half of his body. Thus, Boozer was left all alone. I didn't know this until I went to the Humane Society and once I saw Boozer I couldn't just leave him there.

He got along with Maly and Kinney at first, but Boozer tried to take Kinney's dominance away and they fought. I got bit in the process of trying to separate them because Boozer thought I was attacking him. So then we adopted Oreo because he was left at the pound and they were going to just give him away to whoever (I didn't even have to fill out adoption papers or give an adoption fee) and we thought they'd get along, but NOPE, they didn't. So it became 3 cages for 4 pigs. But Maly HATES oreo, like seriously hates him, and with the smell from Oreo, I think that got him and Kinney upset. So then it was 2 2x5 cages and 2 2x3 grid cages.

So long story short, we are trying to reintroduce Maly and Kinney now that my mom is taking care of Oreo. I'm also going to convince my mom to adopt another, but this time we are going through a local place that allows for fostering to see if the pigs get along.
*oh and another cute thing is that when they asked me what vegetables he liked (Boozer loves strawberries, cilantro and watermelons -straw and waterm. as treats) the couple's two daughters were like "MOM CAN WE PLANT STRAWBERRIES AND WATERMELONS NOW'..I like almost died of cuteness overload.
I have not been given a response yet so I sent an email as well.

In my letter I included pictures of all my pigs just to strike a chord, possibly.

Have you heard anything back from them about their decisions?