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I read an article that a neighboring town was searching for a way to get rid of all the geese. The local "Big Wigs" wanted to have them "exterminated", but the mayor said he found killing the geese cruel and unnecessary. He said that he geese deserved to live just as much as we did. WAY TO GO!
Some A-hole also had the bright idea, according to the article, to steal the eggs before they hatched, or to use herding dogs to "shoo" them away.

I know this is a community and I should try to be more appropriate, but I have PMS and this is what I have to say:

To the Jerks wanting to exterminate the Geese:

Hey assholes! You're not the only ones on the planet! I know it's hard to get through your stupid fucking heads, but we have to co-exist on this planet with MANY differet species. Awww you don't like goose poop? Well I can bet you a million dollars that they don't appreciate all the habitat destruction and water pollution that we force not only on ourselves, but on every other fucking creature around. Who cares if the geese fucking shit on your lawn? We fucking shit on everything they have as it is, so shut your whiney fucking mouths.

It infuriates me that so many people are absolutely intolerable towards animals. Godforbid they try to survive in this industrial world without being killed for their natural bodily functions. Jesus Christ.

I'm going to write the mayor a letter and thank him for being so compassionate.
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