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My Sick Mice

I have 4 mice that I love dearly. My two oldest mice: Starlet and Zoe are almost 3 years old (which is their life expectancy).
Ever since I had Zoe she has had bald patches all over her. They aren't parasites because Starlet would have gotten them. She was always active and healthy with a hearty appetite, so I never thought anything of it. Over a week ago I found tumors on Zoe. It was like they grew overnight. She is still walking around and being herself, so I'm assuming that she isn't in any pain, but it is still terribly sad. She is losing more hair as the days pass and the tumor is getting bigger.

Then today I went to clean their pen and I was shocked when I saw Starlet. She was fine yesterday, but today when I saw her, her head and front half was regular sized, but her abdomen was extremely bloated and large. It looks to me like she has internal tumors. And on her right rear leg she has a hairless, bright red, moist looking tumor. Unlike Zoe, Starlet isn't well. She isn't acting like herself, she is having a hard time climbing, and she can't reach into the food bowl. I supplied her with a bunch of Cheerios. I normally give them as a rare treat, but if the both of them are passing away, I might as well give them whatever they want for their final days.

I am really devastated. I love them so much and I've had them a long time. It's not like they're dying of old age in their sleep - they're dying full of painful tumors.
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