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Caring about the Environment

Caring about the Environment
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Welcome to Green_Vale. This community is dedicated to the environment and all living things.
Users can feel free to post pictures or entries about pets, animal rescues/rights, environmental clean-ups, natural photography, and events going on in their areas (such as pet adoptions, etc.). This is also a good place to post questions about animals/nature.
So if you love animals and care about the environment, this is a good place to share your feelings and pictures of your pets.
*Notice* Any entries about hunting, animal abuse, or comments such as "My cat is better than your cat", are not welcomed here, and I will promptly delete them.

Anyone is able to join and no personal photographs are necessary. However, just to give myself and everyone else an idea of who you are, I'd like it if you could fill out the following survey and use it as your first post. (If you could use a LJ cut, that'd be great; it saves space!)

1.) Your name:
2.) Your Location:
3.) Why do you care so much about the environment/animals?
4.) Have you ever participated in environmental volunteer work or clean-ups?
5.) Have any pictures of your pets?